Do small and medium-sized companies need SFA (sales force automation)?

SFA (sales force automation) tools can improve business efficiency and productivity, but are they necessary for small and medium-sized companies?
Implementing an SFA tool comes at a cost, although the cost may be small or large depending on the product. Therefore, when considering the scale of their business, many managers may feel that Excel and other tools may be sufficient.
However, compared to large corporations, small and medium-sized companies have limited human and capital resources. In addition, the business environment has changed over time, and with the diversification of the purchasing process, it has become difficult to build relationships with customers using traditional sales methods. While there are many limitations and obstacles for small and medium-sized businesses, Excel and other methods are not enough to increase sales. In addition, the traditional sales style of hard work, perseverance, and long hours is being forced to change due to the reform of the work style, and we are being forced to change to a more efficient sales style.
The use of tools such as SFA is essential in order to continue to increase sales.
However, not just any SFA will do.
Depending on the size of the company, the usage and product selection will vary.
In other words, choosing a sales tool for small and medium-sized businesses will maximize their ability to increase sales.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of SFA for SMEs. Choose an SFA for SMEs.
And it is important to note that although we tend to focus only on the functions, usability is the most important thing.
There are many stories of people who introduced SFA, but quit because it was too much work and lost productivity, or because salespeople found it too cumbersome to input information, and customer information remained outdated and useless.
Cost-effectiveness is also important. If you choose a product that is full of features that you have never used, the cost effectiveness will be very poor.
Cost-effectiveness is very poor. This is because high-functionality products are often expensive as well.
Choose a product that is simple, yet easy to use by the salespeople in the field, and that will really increase productivity.
In addition, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the free trial to compare and confirm the usability of the product before introducing it, in order to ensure that the product is quickly established in the field.
Some products do not offer a free trial, so be careful about that.
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